My dad lives in Florida, but he flies up to the Midwest every holiday. He rents a car once he gets here and it’s always a base model, economy car. This Thanksgiving, a Bentley Flying Spur just happened to have a lack of weekend plans, so we told him this holiday he would be very thankful for his rental car. Because what better way to impress your family than driving a Bentley all around Minneapolis on Thanksgiving weekend?   family-flying-spur

After my dad spent a few minutes staring at it, we loaded up everyone we could fit inside. Instead of only taking the Bentley to special places, we decided to real world test it and drive it everywhere we needed to go. Come to find out that it does not in fact fit in a compact car parking spot, it doesn’t get very good gas mileage, but your mom will call it a “perfect place to be”. flying-spur-side

Every day we got in the Flying Spur, we found something new. We figured out how to put the blinds up on the rear windows so everyone in the back could be hidden from view. On the touchscreen for the rear passengers (you read that right), we figured out you could control almost everything in the car, from music volume to temperature to watching the speed. While driving around, we indulged ourselves with a Bentley version of a hot stone massage, which includes turning the seat massagers and heaters on (which are even in the back!). Then there was the enjoyment of watching someone drive by and do a double take when they realized this was in fact a car that cost over $200,000.flying-spur-front

In summary, if you ever want to impress your family for the holidays, show up in a Bentley.