Last week marked the arrival of the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte here at Twin Cities luxury Auto. “It was a welcome break from the dreary spring we had been having and there’s nothing like a lot of action on the show floor to really wake everybody up out of our wintery hibernation and remind us that we still work with some of the most fantastic vehicles available today” said Service Manager Michael Ashby.

The beautifully redesigned luxury vehicle features both v6 and v8 engine options and pricing falls just north of $100,000. Sales Associate Q Ballard agrees that “The All-New Quattroporte has incredible lines and the sculpted body is nothing short of astonishing.” The new vehicle is packed with technological improvements including a rearview camera for parking and reverse assist, keyless entry and a push button start, a first for Maserati. The new model has more power than the outgoing model but with the addition of AWD it will be a great year-round option. “Because we live and work in Minnesota, a beautiful state regardless of the season, an AWD Maserati makes sense.” Says Digital Marketing Specialist Kevin Finley.

You could feel the excitement amongst the guests as they arrived and saw the car displayed under full covers. When the time came to finally reveal the car, a collective round of applause greeted the newest addition to the Maserati line-up. “The reaction was very positive and more people than I anticipated were drawn to the V6 engine variant,” said Ashby.

Ashby explains, “As the engine was started on the V8 car it was clear that Maserati engineers had been able to keep the seductive yet throaty rumble from the old car alive in this all-new twin turbo V8. This car boasts a massive increase of almost 80hp over the old model, which really moves this car into a league of its own in terms of sports capability and luxury trappings.”

We were very pleased with the turnout of the event and we would like to thank those of you in attendance for helping us to welcome this beautiful addition to the Maserati line-up. The Quattroporte will return once again here at Twin Cities Luxury Auto in June 2013. If you have any questions or are interested in placing an order, give us a call at (952) 797-1777.