The 2009 Formula 1 season promises to be an interesting season, no matter who your favorite team is, or what you think of the new rule changes… From the interesting new wings, a return to slicks, the implementation of the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), and the absence of Honda….. well, at least it won’t be dull? Here’s a video Marty shared, from team Red Bull that highlights the rule changes for 2009:

Here’s a video the Williams team made explaining their KERS system:

And this video shows us that carbon fiber does indeed conduct electricity:

Let’s hope that isn’t a theme this year…

Here is the full list of events this year: (not taking into account tape delayed races)

29 March – Formula 1 2009 season premier (Australian GP) 12(Midnight)-3am.
19 April – Formula 1 round three (Chinese GP) 1:30-4am.
26 April – Formula 1 round four (Bahrain GP) 6:15-9am.
10 May – Formula 1 round five (Spanish GP) 6:15-9am.
24 May – Formula 1 round six (Monaco GP) 6:15-9am.
7 June – Formula 1 round seven (Turkish GP) 6:15-9am.
21 June – Formula 1 round eight (British GP) 6:15-9am.
12 July – Formula 1 round nine (German GP) 6:15-9am.
26 July – Formula 1 round ten (Hungarian GP) 6:15-9am.
23 August – Formula 1 round eleven (European GP) 6:15-9am.
30 August – Formula 1 round twelve (Belgian GP) 6:15-9am.
13 September – Formula 1 round thirteen (Italian GP) 6:15-9am.
27 September – Formula 1 round fourteen (Singapore GP) 6:15-9am.
4 October – Formula 1 round fifteen (Japanese GP) 11:15pm-2am.
18 October – Formula 1 round sixteen (Brazilian GP) 10:15am-1pm.
1 November – Formula 1 round seventeen – the final race of the season (Abu Dhabi GP – Inaugural Race) 5:15-8am.

I have loaded all of these dates, as well as additional events into my public calendar, accessible on the right side of this blog, or by susbcription by clicking here. (link in the bottom right corner)

As always I will send out an e-mail with details before each race, so if you aren’t seeing them, or would like to subscribe, send me an e-mail (mark.potter[at]