Maserati’s Video Podcast offers a new way of keeping up to date with the GranTurimso and all the other Trident news.

Maserati opens a new channel of video communication for its clients and fans: the Video Podcast.

Joining the Maserati Video Podcast is rather like becoming a subscriber to a magazine: the contents appear on your computer and you can choose to watch, save or transfer them to a portable reader. The Video Podcast allows the automatic download of video and audio files using free software. A selection of the most widely available software for use with podcasts is listed below.

Free programmes for podcasting:
iTunes (Windows – Mac OS)
Juice (Windows – Mac OS – Linux)
FeedReader (Windows)
Wizz Rss (Plugin for Firefox)

If you use iTunes you can choose to subscribe by clicking here or access the iTunes guided subscription page here.

If you use other software, you can subscribe at the following URL: