Jay Kay, lead singer of euro funk\dance\pop band Jamiroquai just picked up a Quattroporte Sport GT to add to his collection. Jason Kay is known for many things besides music, but fine automobiles is one of his bigger passions. Just check out the Ferrari-esque cover of his 1996 album, Travelling without Moving:

The title track even features some discretely sampled engine sounds woven into the mix. Not quite convinced about this pop star’s car cred? Check out this Top Gear video on the Lamborghini Miura, with one of the featured cars owned by none other than Jay Kay.

And even better, his video for ‘Cosmic Girl’:

So, what does he have to say about his Quattroporte?
“I don’t know what it is, but there is something about new Italian sports cars that really gets me going. Sitting in one of these, you look around and say ‘well life ain’t that bad, really!’ Driving one does cheer you up. They are not everything, but they do make the bad days better.”
“This Maserati is exquisite, it’s a gentleman’s express, with a real thoroughbred under the bonnet waiting to get out. The Quattroporte is a superstylish executive car, nicer and more exclusive than the Bentley Continental GT or an Aston Martin. If you are a businessman and you want something with style and pedigree you could do a lot worse.”

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