From Maserati Monthly:

“Having owned a number of Porsche 911 coupes, Robert was looking for a change. “The 996 was a great utensil I call it a toaster car, you use it every day until it breaks, and then you throw it away,” he told us. “I considered getting a 997 Porsche – but I wanted something a little more… interesting, soulful, comfortable, stylish and, in Los Angeles, you see about 20 Porsches a day.””

“I think the Maserati is the most rational decision for someone looking for a luxury GT that performs; the only car which comes close is the Aston Martin, and I feel that is just a little too ‘parts bin’ as beautiful as it is, I prefer the purity of the Maserati’s lineage, and I like the motor infinitely better than what is coming out of Aston Martin.”