Quattroporte Leads the Way

Maserati’s $100,000 sedan helps automaker turnaround in North America
This is a fantastic article from AutoWeek about the current status of Maserati, as well as their future ambitions.
Quattroporte Voted Best Imported Luxury Car
”Readers of Germany’s leading car magazine, Auto Zeitung, have voted the Maserati Quattroporte the best Imported Luxury Car for the second consecutive year. The Quattroporte far outstripped the second place Bentley Continental Flying Spur, with almost double the votes.
German voters appreciate the Quattroporte’s advanced engineering, performance technology and quality – a strong endorsement from a country whose affinity for all things technical is well known. This is the second consecutive year in which the Quattroporte’s unique blend of performance, style, and luxury earned clear victory in the category. Since the Bentley is essentially a German car, the discerning and highly demanding German public has signaled its agreement that Maserati sets the standard for premium luxury sports sedans. They have also recognized true exclusivity in saying the Quattroporte is the car to drive on the Autobahn and boulevard.”

Maserati Quattroporte: Ciao, Bella: An Italian Opera in Four Doors
(By Ted West, NYTimes)

October 9, 2005 — They took back my Maserati today. No, worse. They made me drive it to Maserati North America in New Jersey and surrender it. That wasn’t easy. (This article is available by full or temporary subscription to the New York Times)
A great article about how one New York Times writer came to love the Quattroporte, “On my first few tries, DuoSelect shifted like a bag of broken glass.” “All it asked of me was some touch and a little technique. Shifting became like driving the pedals of a pipe organ. I was playing the DuoSelect as if it were Puccini.” “The Quattroporte beckons to those stalwart few who believe a car should have a soul.”

Maserati Announces Master GT Driving School in North America
From the Detroit International Autoshow

“Maserati announced in Detroit the establishment of Maserati Master USA driving school. Modelled directly from the extraordinarily successful Master GT Driving School held at the Varano circuit in the mountains of Parma, Italy, the US program will provide expert driver training in Maserati products in an elegant setting.
Twelve two-day and eight single-day programs will be offered beginning in March 2006. A total of eighteen participants will spend time in exclusively Maserati cars including the Coupe, GranSport and Quattroporte.
Master Maserati will be held at the famed Road Atlanta circuit with support from Panoz Racing School. Each program will include all technical equipment necessary, gourmet catering, concierge service and a full business centre available. The two day course will also feature one night at the Château Elan resort including a Maserati supper with instructors and Maserati North America staff.”