Maserati is pleased to announce the production of the MC12 Corsa, a supercar build-to-order for a select number of Maserati clients.

The MC12 Corsa has been developed from the MC12 GT1 type which won the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers cup, and will allow its owners to test their driving capability in the most exclusive gentlemen drivers’ environment. It will be used exclusively on track during private test sessions – or exhibition activities organized by Maserati. It will not be homogulated for road use or for any racing activities.”

With a price tag exceeding $1million dollars, this car will inevitably draw comparison to Bugatti’s Veyron. The Veyron is a W16 quad turbo (think Bentley Continental GT + two more turbos) making 1001hp. While the Bugatti makes almost 250 more hp than the MC12, it also weighs 4200lbs, over 1500lbs more than the Maserati. The Veyron ends up with a weight:power ratio of 4.2:1, while the Maserati is only moving 3.36lbs per horsepower. Put these two on a track side-by-side and the MC12 should prove to be king.

Be one of the lucky dozen to own one of these MC12s and you will feel like a king.