Now unless you’re a camera nerd like me, you likely won’t have any idea what Phase One is or know what’s so special about their XF IQ3 cameras. But look at it this way – you could either buy a really nice, certified pre-owned Maserati Ghibli or a camera. That might sound crazy but depending on your needs, the camera might actually make sense. So, what is the Phase One XF IQ3 and what makes it cost more than your average car? Well, Phase One is a small camera company building some of the best high-end camera systems in the world for commercial photographers. Their camera systems are broken down into three main parts: a body (in this case, I was using the latest XF body), a lens (I tried out an assortment of their Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses), and a digital back (the IQ3 is their latest generation of backs which are available from 50 megapixels up to 100 megapixels). Altogether, the XF camera with the top-of-the-line 100MP IQ3 back, and a single lens from Phase One rings in a grand total of $48,990!

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