Motion Products Inc. was kind enough to host Morrie’s Luxury Auto and Morrie’s Heritage for a private tour at their facilities in rural Wisconsin last week. To say that we enjoyed ourselves is a bit of an understatement. Motion Products was founded over 30 years ago and in that time has become a world-renowned name for all things Ferrari, and they are now branching out into alternate luxury brands. “In the beginning it was a man and his passion for fast, beautiful cars and a desire to take his talents to the most powerful and influential stages in the world. Now a major player at such events as the Cavallino Classic and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, MPI’s passion and desire is what has defined the organization.” The company is made up of 45 experts that work out of 3 different locations and handle everything from service to full concourse level frame up restorations. “With hundreds of awards to our name and more than 500 cars and counting, MPI is a true leader in vintage Italian restorations.”



We began our tour exploring the main facility which is home to some of the most exotic and finely tuned specimens that the automotive world has ever seen. Where something as simple as an oil change or even the occasional racing incident requires a bit of body work, Motion Products can handle it all. We were able to see vehicles being worked through the entirety of this process and we couldn’t say we were anything less than impressed. Doing what is some of the finest work in the world when it comes to vintage Ferrari street and race cars, Motion Products is a one stop shop for every need you might have or want. We were able to lay eyes on a Ferrari 250 SWB that was stripped all the way down to bare metal and at the beginning stages of being brought to life as what can only hope to be a Platinum award winning show vehicle. Another vehicle that we did not expect to see was Alain Prost’s 1991 Ferrari F1 racing car. With an absolutely stunning presence which was only 20 minutes into our tour, things only went up from there.



We were lead throughout the facility to see the many operational facets of the company and how they operate. From bodywork to paintwork and then onto the finishing room, which was where our jaws had hit the floor, we couldn’t imagine the hours that went into this breathtaking art. Some of these automobiles go beyond what we see as “vehicles” and become works of art. What is common place for Bill Murphy, principal of Motion Products, who was leading us on most of the tour – we simply couldn’t fathom. We’ll let the photos do most of the talking as to the quality of what Motion Products offers, but perfection is the only option. We can only express the quality of what we saw and the capabilities that they offer at Motion Products as world class and a sight to behold. For more information on Motion Products Inc. click here or please reach out to Morrie’s Luxury Auto for more information.