The Los Angeles Auto Show during the media press days is an extremely overwhelming, congested and an all out nightmare to navigate. That being said press days are some of the best times you can have at an auto show with all the new releases, food and media crews running every which way. With the vast amounts of luxury exotic vehicles, new models and some of the highest quality concept vehicles in the world it is certainly something to experience. Some of the first things to notice are the mass amounts of people gathered to see the unveiling of some of the newest technology and performance vehicles. Audi was the first place everyone was gathered and people were excited for the show to begin and see what Audi had brought to please the masses. The Audi Prologue Concept or what they are referring to as what the future of Audi will hold for vehicles and the upcoming technology was the main unveiling and a spectacular one at that.

We wandered around the show to see some new releases from Bentley which included the Grand Convertible and the Mulsanne Speed. Two absolutely stunning vehicles that command a certain presence when you see them. The Grand Convertible finished in a gorgeous blue color that you can only imagine cruising down Rodeo Drive stopping people in their tracks for a second look. The other a Mulsanne Speed which is an enormous vehicle that has more torque than some quarter ton diesel trucks. A luxury cruiser that you’ll want to spend some time behind the wheel of rather than just have a destination to be dropped off at. A Bentley V8S finished in matte grey with lava red interior was another stand out to certainly pull a second glance no matter where you drive it.

With a scattering of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s and all other make and manufactures you can imagine across the L.A. Auto Show the only thing I could think that this really is the grown-up version of a kid being in a candy store.

Check out our video playlist below to see some of the vehicles we found new and exciting at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show