After a hugely successful 2007 season, Maserati is once again offering a full season of performance driving instruction with their world-class ‘Master Maserati’ program. This represents your chance to learn from some of the best drivers in the world – 10 instructors under the direction of Ivan Capelli (Veteran of 98 Gran Prix races in F1). Vehicles include the brand new GranTurismo (5), the brand new Quattroporte Sport GTS (2), as well as the GranSport (6), and Trofeo Race Cars (2).

The 2008 Maserati Master GT 2-Day driving course is organized by Maserati Spa, open to existing and potential owners, with an emphasis on the GranTurismo and safe driving techniques. The course takes place at the Varano de Melegari autodrome, a technically demanding track perfectly suited to driver training. The track boasts centrally controlled artificial rain, low grip resin, a skid machine, on-board telemetry, and lecture room with video-replay feedback.

Groups of 24 people per course are split into 3-4 smaller groups of 6-8 participants each, with track time broken up among the different vehicles, and progressing from classroom theory through demonstration laps in the Maserati Trofeo. Topics covered include emergency braking, power oversteer with and without ASR, high-speed pendulum turns, a high-speed contest, and laps on track following a “pace” car – under a green not yellow flag… Educational sessions are broken up with on-track time with telemetry analysis.

Each exercise is tailored to improving your skills as a driver, and to get the most enjoyment out of your current or future Maseratis. After all – these cars are meant to be driven, and with Maserati’s 90 years of racing history – its in their blood.

  • Dates: 23/24 April, 28/29 May, 10/11 June, 27/28 August, 18/19 September, 8/9 October, 27/28 October
  • Accommodations at Hotel Palace Maria Luigia, a 4-star superior hotel in Parma, Italy. Dinners at exclusive local restaurants, lunches at the track.
  • Price: € 3700 (incl. VAT) per participant, all-inclusive; €784 per companion

Speaking of racing, new for 2008 is the Master Maserati Master Racing program.

The Master Maserati Racing course is designed for a limited number of participants, who can now spend a whole day at the wheel of the Maserati Trofeo and the Maserati GranSport. This is a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of Maserati competitions with the support of a highly professional staff and the latest equipment.

  • The Racing course is limited to 12 participants, and utilizes the Maserati Trofeo, GranSport, and GranTurismo vehicles.
  • Cost: €3999 per participant, all-inclusive

For more information, or to sign-up, please e-mail me: mark.potter (at) morries (dot) com