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Maserati GranTurismo Videos

I’ve been scouring the web for some good videos of the new GranTurismo, and these are the cream of the crop.

This first video is from the GranTurismo’s world premiere:

This next video is a CGI teaser:

This video is from Edmunds’ Inside Line, and features video form the world premiere at Geneva:

This final video is part of the Official Maserati GranTurismo Podcast, which I highly recommend subscription to:

(click here for my previous post with information on subscribing to the Maserati Podcast)

Ferrari Club of America North Central Region Drive

This past weekend a few guys from Ferrari Club of America’s North Central region got together for a spirited drive through the back country of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Everyone had a lot of fun, and it should make for an awesome yearly adventure for the North Central Ferraris. Many thanks to Dan and Dick for their work to put this together, as well as everyone else that showed up for an awesome Saturday drive. Definitely the most fun I’ve had behind the wheel in a long long time.

Click any of the images for fullsize. Most are through the windshield while driving, so not the best quality, but still cool.

This is what happens when you let a tractor lead.