Between the just released 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Automatic, increased sales targets, a full schedule of in-store events, fund raisers, car shows, driving events, and important partnerships with local and national organizations, 2007 will be a busy and exciting year.

The Quattroporte Automatic is already a big hit. We’ve already put 250+ miles on the car in the last week, and the response has been amazing. It’s definitely established itself as the executive sedan to have, but the DuoSelects aren’t being ignored either. We’ve had a few people that drove the paddle-shifted F1 style Quattroporte again, and with a little encouragement, have learned more of its intricacies and appreciate the unique sports car performance in a four door sedan.

Maserati North America is so confident in our market and our dealership that we are targeting sales increases of about 40% over last year. The Minneapolis St Paul marketplace is one overlooked by many high-end manufacturers, sports-car companies, and many large market companies, but with the arrival of Maserati, and projects we are working on, many exotic car companies are taking another look at what the upper midwest has to offer.

It’s an exciting time to be a car enthusiast in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked hard to forge relationships with both local and national car enthusiasts, and we look forward to another exciting year. Two weeks ago we did the midwinter chill-out with Wheels of Italy, and the Ferrari Club of America, Minnesota chapter. We have several events coming soon, including spring drives, track events, and of course the annual Wheels of Italy car show, coming in August.

I want to take a moment to highlight the forums. If you’re a Maserati owner, in the market, or just want to learn more about the cars, it’s the place to go for information and to share your passion for Maserati. We joined the forums about two years ago when we started selling Maseratis, to learn more about the cars. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the members, sharing our Maserati experiences, and helping any way I could. Many of these owners came from owning other cars, and have honest information about what to expect with a Maserati purchase.

If you haven’t yet already, check out the Maserati forums, at, you’ll see my posts under the user name maseratiofminneapolis.