While the Maserati Quattroporte boasts many technological and engineering advancements to the Sport Saloon architecture, one might not expect these to include one of the first major uses of Nanocomposites in the engine bay. Maserati contracted for the major engine bay covers to be made by Rieter Automotive, molded from Ube nylon 6 nanocomposite, containing 2% nanoclay by weight. The use of nanoclay in the composite decreases weight, increases mechanical performance, especially at high temperatures, and features improved surface appearance vs. glass-reinforced nylons.
Rieter Automotive has in fact been awarded the Ferrari Technology Award for the excellent cooperation between Ferrari/Maserati and Rieter Automotive Systems. Rieter Automotive Systems was recognized for its “sophisticated and efficient technology of soundproofing components and hot air housings”.

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