“…Dan’s background is, quite literally, colorful. How else to describe someone who has demonstrated foresight and innovation in developing the fresh cut flower industry, who studied Mechanical Engineering in college, and was all set to work in the car world until the Vietnam War, and military service, intervened…”

“…One of the recurring themes of our conversation was how a car should make him feel – when asked why a Maserati, Dan said: “Maserati offers the opportunity for me to experience a very high-performance Italian car that is purely Italian, that has not been neutered through globalization; it’s very exclusive, and its a personal thing. I feel other companies concentrate on the numbers – the 0-60, the score on the skid-pad, the quarter-mile time. They reduce everything to a quantitative formula, and then the exhaust note is whatever it turns out to be. To hell with that – I want an exhaust note that talks to me, and makes my heart beat quicker. Maserati does that, it gives me pleasure, and I think that’s consistent with Maserati design over the years…”

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