From the Detroit International Autoshow:

“Former boxer and current CEO of Maserati, Karl Heinz Kalbfell, President of Maserati North America, James Selwa, and Maserati PR chief Luca Dal Monte each took a turn describing the Trident’s snowballing success: a 92% increase in cars delivered during 2005 to North American buyers, for a total of over 2000…”

From the latest Robb Report:
“The sound throughout the rev range is worth the price of admission – especially when the car is in Sport mode, when freer-flowing exhaust and quicker shift mapping add layers to the motor’s music. One would not be insane to buy this vehicle for the exhaust note alone…”

Perhaps the ultimate accolade is that the CEO of CurtCo Robb Media owns a 90th Anniversary Spyder, while its Senior VP and Creative Director traded his Porsche for a GranSport!

From Maserati Monthly; Owner Profile: Dan Hammond
“A quiet and thoughtful man, Dan lives in Dallas, Texas. He is recently retired at the age of 53 from his position as founder, Chairman, and CEO of Intervoice, the leader and an originator in voice recognition telephony systems.”

“Dan Hammond grew tired of driving the same car as everyone else, so he went looking for something different – and within minutes of getting into the 2005 Maserati GranSport, he knew he had found it: “you start to drive it and feel the g-forces, even accelerating from 0 to 40 – all of a sudden I feel like I’m driving something besides a car, it feels like a race car.”