” Important recognition also came from France and the respected Automobile Magazine. The publication elected the Quattroporte the “Best Car” in the luxury berlina category in its 26 January edition. As Stephane Meunier, editor of the French monthly, pointed out, the Trident vehicle is the only car to have received this award of three consecutive occasions. This is testimony to the extent to which the Quattroporte is valued by the French public.

To conclude, the Quattroporte was voted the “Best Car 2006” in the “Luxury” class by the Swiss magazine, Auto Illustrierte. The Modenese model took the prize for the second successive time and attracted 25% of the votes polled. This was almost 10% more than its nearest rival.

Since its international launch in September 2003, the Maserati Quattroporte has received 27 international awards.”

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